2017 Change of Ownership „REIKA“, Karl Reichenbach GmbH

HGK Global and 11 other investors provide the equity for the takeover and become new shareholders of the company!


Lemgo/Hamburg/Durmersheim, 20.06.2017 Lampe Privatinvest assumes the majority of the shares of Karl Reichenbach GmbH as part of a structured sales process by the Wüst-Reichenbach family. The Wüst-Reichenbach family is also involved in the company's new corporate structure, ensuring a smooth changeover

The CEO, Mr. Jens Frank, has also been a minority shareholder in the company, which shows his high commitment to the company.

REIKA-Karl Reichenbach GmbH is a traditionally small manufacturer of rubber parts with a specialization in technical elastomer products. For example: Silicone seals for Gas burner, Rubber pads for fifth-wheels, Lippenringdichtungen und axle stops, in particular for appliance- and automotive industry.

Lampe Privatinvest provide for a long term private equity for the German middle class and goes into minority and majority interests. It's focused on the areas of demand, growth plans and changes in the group of shareholders in general. Lampe Privatinvest is funded by select group entrepreneurial embossed private investors and is part of the Bankhaus Lampe Gruppe Bankhaus Lampe is completely owned by the Oetker family.

June 2017