HGK Global invests € 1 million in the Oldtimer Park Lippe

"The completely new and previously never offered anywhere concept of the Oldtimer-Park Lippe was so convincing that we have invested in a further stage," says the managing director Horst Kespohl.

Kurt Strunk and 6 other oldtimer enthusiasts had the idea for the Oldtimer-Park Lippe. In March 2011, seven investors opened the first building phase. Quickly followed by extensions, because the existing demand could not be met. The number of Classic Car lovers is steadily increasing. Oldtimers are in times of crisis-ridden financial markets seen as a good investment and not to forget the fun factor associated with automobiles.

In contrast to so-called "Meilenwerken" in large cities, the park offers the possibility to rent separate spaces including electricity, water, rolling shutters and alarm system. "Many people who own an expensive car, do not want that others can fiddle with it," says Strunk from experience.

In April 2012, the first talks between the managing director of the Oldtimer- Park Lippe Kurt Strunk and HGK Global took place. It was quickly recognized that a further Building phase would be a win-win situation for both parties. As a result, HGK Global acquired the 3,000 square meter property behind the existing Oldtimer-Park from the town of Lage. In the summer of 2012, the construction work had already started in full swing. There emerged two halls with a total of approximately 1200 sqm, which provided for 11 vehicles and two exhibition and office spaces. The first tenants were able to move in to take their new premises in January 2013.


January 2013